Make your VRSP administration even easier by working with one of Canada’s leading payroll-service companies

Want to make your payroll administration easier? When setting up a Manulife VRSP, you have the option to integrate your plan administration with one of Manulife’s payroll partners. Whether you are looking for a full-service payroll provider or payroll software, Manulife has an integrated solution to meet your needs and save you time.

  • Save time – Reduce the amount of time you spend managing your VRSP each payroll cycle.
  • Improve the accuracy of data – Your payroll solution and Manulife will always be in sync with one another, reducing human error and providing improved accuracy.
  • Focus on your business – Whether you choose to outsource your payroll or keep it in house, having a system that is set up to help manage your payroll will let you focus on your business – not your payroll.

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