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to enjoy more tomorrow

By offering your employees a VRSP, you can help them save for the future without encountering the cost and administration burden that is associated with traditional defined contribution pension plans. A workplace savings plan can help you attract and retain employees while increasing morale and productivity. It’s often the benefits offered to employees that make one employer stand out from another.

VRSP advantages:

  • A low cost solution to plan participants by pooling the assets from several companies
  • Easy to understand and administer
  • Employers are not required to contribute but can choose to do so if they wish
  • Employer contributions will not be subject to payroll taxes
  • Employer contributions are also a deductible salary expense and may be deducted from income for tax purposes

Manulife’s VRSP has three key advantages:

  • Quick and straightforward set-up process
  • Time savings with fewer administrative tasks for employers
  • Features formerly offered exclusively to large companies

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